Looking Foxy In a Limousine Is Easy

Foxyness Is An Art

Not everyone can pull off looking like an absoliute fox.

Fiat punto’s aren’t foxy compared to a limousine.. And some of us aren’t as foxy as Megan.

It can take years of practice, study and commitment, not to mention a ton of trial and error…

Once mastered it can change your life…

Imagine walking out your front door turning heads and causing fender benders
at every cross roads you pass. Regardless of your gender, strolling out like a fox
is a feeling you never forget.

Just ask the amazing Megan Fox..



The Amazing Megan Fox


Draw your toungues in girls and boys.. Time to be serious.


Alright enough of the foxy fox strutter talk every one knows feeling and looking good
is a great way to boost your self esteem and bring a little positive light into your life.


It’s strange more people don’t make the effort to look the bomb.com when they leave
their habitual place of rest.

Those who do however tend to get hung up on the way they look in the clothes their wearing.
Although thats a great place to start, it’s not the be all and end all of being foxilious.


Confidence is the key. Creating that confidence can be difficult and is built in completely
different ways from person to person. For some it’s all about the clothes and fashion.

That’s great!

They don’t have to put in the effort that other may have to. Kind of a win for them.


For everyone else it can range from the people your with to the places your going.
And for some it’s how you show up…. Err maybe it’s how you “turn up” now a days.


Either way you ought to turn up currently. Bring your “A” game with ya and make sure your swag is killa!


When you go out on the town or arrive at an event the vehicle you choose to cruise in
before hand is a crucial part to looking foxy. It’s often over looked in favour of the outfit.

But for many can bring that confidence that just beams through. You know what I’m talking bout..




Rocking up to a venue and stepping out of a Bently provides one’s self with a certain feeling that’s
not quite felt the same way when you poke yourself out of that mobile piece of history on four wheels..

..the ford escort.


A limousine could be the answer to your foxy needs. Check out some of the smooth limos you can hire out nowadays.



There’s so many good looking limousines now. From stretch sport cars to high class luxury stretched out cars.


Finding the perfect vehicle to hire out and rock your next outing could give you that fox edge
you need to build your confidence and smash the competition.


Stepping out of a super smooth looking ride, dressed to impress and feeling like a trillion bucks
could make the event so memorable for you that your whole life course could change dramaticlly.

Talking to girls/boys you’d previously stay clear of because you were to afriad you’d look like a dork
trying cherps them. Now your beam lining straight to em…


Bowling up and saying “Hey my names.. How youuu doing?”


And getting their digits like the pimp you knew you could be!


So look into it the next time you got some plans to get your self out there
and picture yourself blowing up the venue like you should be. Afterall…


You deserve it.




The Fox

The Fox

Author: The Fox

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