OMG! Lambo’s Are So FOXY!

Lamborgini’s, The Foxyest Cars Out There?


We all know about the awesome super cars built by the Italians. Lamborghini has been around since the early 1960’s.
1963 to be exact, and have built up a huge heritage ever since. Going from strength to strength over the decades, you can find out all about the company’s history on their website. Follow the link below..

Lamborghini’s Heritage Page

They have some great details in there and you really get to feel like you “know” the company.

If you’re not the history reading type and like to avoid learning skip the next few lines as I’ll be outlining just a tad of their history.


The company was founded by a wealthy man who started his fortune in the tractor building industry…

Talk about a change of pace!


Ferruccio Lamborghini built his fortune before he was 50, then decided to take on Ferrari in the sports car world.

Many thought he would lose everything before turning a profit within this highly competitive niche but he was determined!
And many car enthusiasts are eternally grateful! Me included!


These cars have really come along way over the years..

Always known for pushing design boundaries Lambo’s have got that futuristic edge about them. Each model has its own unique look..




Every car is unmistakably Lamborghini. The clever way the engineers portrait each model with the same unforgettable feel. They all have the same swag…

Lamborghini Veneno

The sports cars are undeniably sporty in their looks.¬† While they’re in a parked position they still look as if they going over 100 mph.
Eye catching for sure…

They turn heads where ever they go. If not from their sleek and stylish body work then the sound of their engines humming  are sure to get your head to swing round and take notice.


These beasts sound immense! Like an innocent kitten purring upon starting the engine to a mighty pissed off lion roaring out when taking off down the road. The music that comes from the rear end of these four-wheeled monsters is mesmerizing.


You’d be safe to assume Lamborghini’s are one of my favourite cars on the planet. And I’m sure I’m not alone.


imagining cruising through town or down a winding country lane in one of these is sure to put a smile on your face. The thrill of the throttle opening up and being pushed back in your seat will definitely get your pulse going!


Getting the chance to sit behind the wheel of one of these vehicles is on my bucket list for sure! Taking control of the driver’s seat and pushing the machine to its limit’s would be a memory I’d gladly create!

The Fox

Author: The Fox

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