Foxing Things Up For The Very First Time

Just A Quickie

Being the first post here on Articles Fox I'll be keeping it short and sweet. Straight to the point. Just the way I like it.

The aim of this site is to alleviate some of the pain we all feel from day to day.

You know the pain I'm referring to of course is BOREDOM!


All of us experience this at some point. Unfortunately for a huge percentage of the population boredom is an affliction suffered daily. It eats away at the very personality of people. Once bored for long enough people will partake in all many of activities that they would never normally be associated with. Scary stuff.

 You may have fallen victim to these plague at some point in time during your existence. Succumb to enrolling in some class or group just to have something to do with your free time. 

Maybe you even stayed at work for over time..... unpaid...

because you had nothing better to do.


Well no more!


Articles Fox will help to fill the void found within the brain when boredom strikes. Filled with random bits and pieces of information from around the world we aim to make the time fly like your having the most fun you've ever had. 

Stay tuned we'll be loading this site with reading material consisting of all sorts of cr*p for you to indulge in.


Looking forward to offering a cure,



The Fox



The Fox

Author: The Fox

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